Common Seal Agreement Format


A common seal agreement is a necessary legal document that outlines the powers endowed upon a company`s seal. The document typically outlines the procedures for using the company`s common seal, which is a stamp or device used to authorize specific documents legally.

The format of a common seal agreement follows a standard structure, and it is essential to ensure that the document complies with the relevant regulations and laws. Here are some common sections that should be included in the common seal agreement format:

1. Introduction

The introduction should provide an overview of the agreement, the parties involved, and the purpose of the common seal. It should also specify the laws governing the agreement and the document`s effective date.

2. Definitions

The definitions section outlines the terms used in the agreement and their intended meanings. This section is crucial to ensure that the parties involved have a clear understanding of the agreement`s terms.

3. The Company`s seal

This section outlines the design and specifications of the company`s seal, as well as who is authorized to use it. The document should clearly state the procedures for obtaining the seal and maintaining it properly.

4. Use of the Seal

This section outlines the procedure for using the company`s seal when executing legal documents. The document should specify who is authorized to use the seal and the circumstances in which the seal may be used.

5. Signing Authorities

This section should outline the individuals authorized to sign the company`s documents and the procedures required for executing those documents. The document should also include provisions for delegating signing authority and revoking such authorization.

6. Termination

This section outlines the circumstances under which the common seal agreement may be terminated, such as the dissolution of the company. The document should also stipulate the procedures for returning the seal.

7. Governing Law

The governing law section specifies the jurisdiction whose laws govern the common seal agreement. This section is vital to ensure that the document complies with the relevant legal regulations.

In conclusion, a common seal agreement is a crucial document for any company that intends to use a seal as a stamp or device for authorizing legal documents. The format of the common seal agreement should follow a standard structure and comply with relevant legal regulations and laws. A well-drafted common seal agreement can help a company avoid legal disputes and maintain compliance with legal requirements.